Jalapeno Pepper (hah-la-pee-no) Jalapeno peppers are native to Mexico and have been grown in South America for over 9,000 years. The jalapenos’ glossy green skin (which doesn’t require peeling) has a crisp, moist, capsicum flavour with a mild peppery bite together with hot to fiery seeds. They will keep their freshness for up to 5 weeks when refrigerated. Serving Suggestions The remarkable jalapeno with its unique taste can be served at room temperature, chilled or in cooked food without loosing its vitamin content or spicey taste. Sliced thinly it can be eaten as an appetiser to tantalise and tease the taste buds or sliced and served in salads, sauces and with meat, fish or poultry to enhance and compliment the flavour. Avoid contact with the face during food preparation. Health and Nutrition Jalapenos are rich in vitamin C, A and E. They are considered to be beneficial to general health as they burn up to 200 extra kilojoules for up to three hours after ingestion. Recent studies have linked hot spicey foods to a lower incidence of fatal blood-clotting diseases and the enzyme in the jalapeno has shown to break down blood clots. Home Page